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How to Find Your Lash Stylist

Updated: Feb 17

Finding the right lash stylist that's just right for you is super important. Not only do you need someone who you can establish a stylist-client relationship with, but you need someone who will provide you with a service that will nurture the health of your lashes for the long haul.

The natural lash is so delicate. It is extremely important that all application guidelines are being adhered to so your natural lash health will not be compromised. I've encountered sooo many women who have been with a stylist for years and have suffered damage to their natural lash. Some were able to recover, some were not.

As we began to mature in age, our bodies ability to reproduce slows down and doesn't have the ability to recover as quickly as it has done in the past. So what does that mean? There will come a time when you will discontinue wearing eyelash extensions and you will need your natural lashes to be healthy to perform their natural function (to keep dirt and debris out of your eye). Please do your research ladies. Don't be a victim to damaged lashes that could possibly lead to Alopecia. Here are the things you should do when conducting your research.

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