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Beauty is Flawed, Strut Your Imperfections

True beauty. Do you think we are missing it? Merriam-Webster even misses the mark. The Hollywood news ticker, the magazine ads, even the toys down the aisles of our markets are missing it. Beauty is being defined all around us by a misguided standard and we as a culture are aimlessly following along. The words glamour and beauty have become hijacked with this idea of perfection. The perfect height, the perfect weight, the perfect skin tone, the perfect hair. When the statistics reveal that 42% of 1st-3rd grade girls want to be thinner and 46% of 9-11-year-olds are on some type of diet we are most certainly misunderstanding the depth and nature of beauty.

It is time that we reclaim the pure definition of beauty!

Beauty is... a sunset that takes your breath away. Children’s laughter. A good conversation. Scars. Freckles. Beauty marks. Curls. Curves. Each perfectly imperfect. All beautiful in their uniqueness and their story.

My Role

After serving for ten years in the financial industry, the business of true beauty found me. I desired to be a part of something more meaningful that breathed life into other women; with that desire, Beauty Unrestricted was born.

I don’t have a magic formula or know some secret that remains a mystery to others. I simply see the beauty that already resides within a woman and with my gifts, talents and continuous training, I enhance that beauty.

It is incredibly fulfilling to me when a woman glances at herself in the mirror after receiving a service and her eyes light up with joy. I did not change the way she was designed, I just enhanced the beauty that already existed within her.

That, I believe, is where we are missing it. As women, we have been given a narrative of perfection. I don’t believe beauty is perfection. I believe beauty is gloriously flawed and that is where we find our confidence; that is where we find our true definition of beauty!

“Beauty is flawed, strut your imperfections.”


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